punk & hardcore label from Finland

16.9.2014 Welcome to our new web-shop!!!

POSTITARJOUS SUOMESSA: postit max 5€, voimassa 8.12. asti!!!

We had some problems with the earlier shop and therefore needed to update it. It took some time and nerves... but at least now it seems to work much better with the correct postage rates and paypal-module working (for the customers outside of Euro-countries)! Please let me know if you find any bugs or problems using the new shop! (

Of course there are also some great new records for sale! Also some prices have been reduced.

Sorry, you have to make a new account!!! We lost all the data of customers...



2.10.2014 fixed the postage rates calculator!!! now it should be working correctly! added the search tool too.
7.10.2014 fixed the mailing problems! lisätty myös "punk posti" -vaihtoehto suomalaisille tilaajille.