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I de-bunked nature's sciense and housing science!

Posted: 26 Mar 2021, 13:25
by Kaappis
How about a situation where a strong wind moves your hand? Feel like you are not moving your hand freely yourself and you probably still trust that it is going right?
If you move your hand yourself, it feels like you are moving it yourself freely. According to the determinist, this is an illusion. Consciousness finds the right answer for existence and the hand moved by the wind, but makes the mistake of experiencing itself moving the hand. However, there is no reason to consider the movement of a hand as a more unreliable observation than the observation of one’s own existence.

Consciousness i.e. you can be in a mere state of observation or do things. It is consciously free when it is free. Free will is considered to be mere will or staring into emptiness. Freedom serves as the “cause” of deeds and wills. The reason seems to generate itself. You just aren’t like a robot when you have the lights on.

According to science, there is no immateriality and freedom. That’s the only reason you wouldn’t think you’re free. However, does your conscious experience feel as a sum of sensory perceptions, feelings, a feeling of being somewhere and in control, of matter (or some kind of coincidence?)? Could it be such a miraculous thing that cannot be explained on paper and external material evidence?

The national economy could be financed entirely by central bank funding. (Everything could perhaps be done in any way, because the supernatural seems possible, but it is good to understand what could be done with these blocks without the possible restriction of God.)

With central bank loans, the public sector could operate at maximum capacity. Schools, hospitals and the police could get all the funding they need. The state could also capture research and development from the private sector. The best possible machines and equipment directly without pruned versions and artificial postponement of improvements. The inventions are then tendered to companies. Brands and other neat in capitalism are lost if the state also hijacks the means of production.
The state then repays the loan to the central bank with VAT revenue. No other taxes are required. The central bank monitors that the state uses the loan wisely and that society operates fairly and with environmental considerations in mind.
The basic income guarantees a basic income. The private sector operates freely and regulation is cut so much that libertarians are appalling. Demand and supply determine prices and wages. Basic income guarantees an income stream for food producers and the environment will thank if economic activity declines elsewhere. The stock market and stock raising and gambling there can survive. Even economic chaos can persist as the basic income acts as a safety net. The rich can be met, for example, by forcing companies to list on the stock exchange.

Re: I de-bunked nature's sciense and housing science!

Posted: 06 Apr 2021, 22:06
by onko mua ees

Re: I de-bunked nature's sciense and housing science!

Posted: 07 Apr 2021, 10:40
by king fausto